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One Dollar Riches : A $1 Income Generating System

Today’s review will be based on one dollar riches program.

In this post I will be explaining to you what the program is all about – the benefits, how it works, what to expect and How to outsource referrals. Now let’s start with the definition.

What is onedollarriches ?

It is a simple income – Generating system to enable you earn $1 over and over again! You might ask, is it as simple as that? Based on my personal experience I would say yes.

“… simple income generating system.”

How does it work?

The following outline steps are needed to get started based on my personal experience with the program.

  1. Pay a one Fee of $1 to Join one dollar riches using Alertpay.( Get a free alertpay here first if you don’t have one as you will need it to get paid.)
  2. After payment register your alertpay email and password.
  3. Login to your control panel to get your referral link.
  4. Promote your referral Link to start earning $1 over and over again, paid directly into your Alertpay account when someone register through your affiliate link.
  5. Strong will and passion for success.

The above 5 steps are all that is needed to start earning a constant cash day in day out!.

What will it cost to get people?

onedollarriches is not Lunch program, efforts, determination and good marketing skill are needed. With some effort you could be earning hundreds of dollar monthly (Just as I am doing right now) if you’re marketing it effectively. The following are methods you can used to source people.

1. Post your referral links on forums.

2. Blog about it.

3. Tell your friends about it.

4. Share it on social networking sites such as facebook.com, myspace.com, twitter.com etc.

Does this program really pay directly to my Alertpay account?


The following are proofs to show you that the monies are deposited to your account instantly –

The Benefits

One dollar riches has the following added advantages over any any other affiliate sites, I can say this boldly based on my experience with other sites. You can well agree with me that they all promise to reward their customers but not all of them are able to do that. Unlike others affiliate sites, The following points are what makes One dollar reliable and worth signing up with

1. Easy registration.

2. Low one time start up fee ($1 )

3. Unlimited rewards based on how effective your marketing strategy is.

4. Inspirational books which can be downloaded in PDF’S freely from your control panel after signing up.After i signed up i got 2 e.bokks freely from them.The books includes -The greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages By Yanik Silver. and “7 Hidden secrets to MAXIMUM Sales ” By Yanik Silver.

You will well agree with me that the above 2 books worth even more than the $1 initial start-up fee.

Click here to sign up for the $1 dollar riches program.

Feel free to contact me when faced with difficulties.


Bye for now.

Updates as at 5.9.2011

Attached below is the $1 that i earned from the onedollarriches program.


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  1. Thanks for the review, I have been serching for more information about the one dollar riches program since.

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